Nursery Signs


There are four main options when selecting your nursery sign. These choices are Cursive, Connected Letters, Individual Letters and Custom Work.

Each of these selections comes with additional options mentioned in the description below

Cost break down & approximate size are at the bottom of the page.

There are three standard font options, Kunstler Script, Edwardian Script and Nella Sue Demo. Each of these can typically be found in Microsoft Word. There are other font options, but this would fall under "Custom Work" as additional design time is required.

Click on the image as it is labeled according to the font type used.


Connected Letters

There are two font options Arial and Comic Sans. Both fonts can typically be found in Microsoft Word.


Letters can be made in a variety of fonts and to a custom size. Letters can be made with an assortment of profiles to give a different look rather then a basic letter cut out.


If you have something custom in mind please send me a photo or sketch of what you have in mind along with the approximate size. 

Cost & approximate size break down for a single name is as follows:

  • 4-6 letters is $50 ( approximately 28" -32" in length)

  • 7-8 letters is $60 ( approximately 34" -40" in length)

  • 9-10 letters is $70 ( approximately 40" -55" in length)

Additional fonts can be selected from; however, there is additional cost of $10 due to extra design time.

Typically material that is used is 3/4 MDF; however, other materials can be used.

Nursery signs are sold sanded and ready to paint.

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