Tree of life can be made 24”, 36” or even 47” in diameter. It can also be made into different styles as show in the photo where it is just an outline, or has a backing to it. It is typically made out of ¾” MDF or Baltic Birch. Tree of life comes sanded and ready to paint, allowing the customer to add the finishing touch to suit their decor.


I have several standard home Decor items.

Most of these items can be modified in size, to some degree, from what is shown in the photos. Other material may be an option, from what is shown.


Love Infinity comes in three different sizes. It comes sanded ready to paint but unpainted allowing the customer to add the finishing touch to suit their décor.

  • King 80” x 27”

  • Queen 60” x 24

  • Twin 48” x 19

Large Mr & Mrs 60" x 28"

Small Mr & Mrs 31" x 8"

Can be made out of MDF or Baltic Birch

Tree Of Life

Love Infinity

Wedding Decor

Wood Signs

If you see a wood sign that I have created and want the exact same look but with a different name, this makes it a combination of “Custom” and “Product Line”. Much off the design and development work has already been completed. This comes at a cost savings to the customer. Take a look under Wood Signs for samples of other work.


Please send me a photo of what you would like replicated and we can start the design work from there.

Home Decor

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