This pattern shows the texture to the edge of the material.

Headboards are typically made out of MDF; however, other options include hardwood, softwood and plywood. Below are a few examples of the standard headboard designs that I create. Custom designs are always welcome so don't hesitate to contact me to talk about your specific headboard.

Also have a look under CNC Panels for other possible headboard options

The size for all standard headboards is as follows:
  • Queen 64" x 33"
  • King 80" x 33"
This pattern shows an example of a headboard having a boarder around the top and sides of the pattern.
These images show an example of what the headboard looks like prior to any finish being applied.
These images show an example of a headboard that has been painted as well as the last picture shows a "sample image" which is created using special software to show what the headboard will look like prior to being cut.


Weave shows a pattern that is very repetitive and mathematical in nature.
Typically, I sell MDF headboards either as unfinished or primed light grey, allowing the customer to finish the piece to suit their decor.
If you are looking for a fully finished headboard, please contact me and I will be happy to work with you to get you the final product you want.

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Wave Sample Image

CNC Texture Headboard MDF