Flute panels are created using a combination of different router bits and CNC machining techniques to create a unique look. The pictures show a few different samples of this technique. The material used in this case was ¾” MDF however other materials can be used.


Using my CNC router I have the ability to fabricate a variety of decorative panels. The process for fabricating these panels can become very involved, therefore it is always best if you can send a photo of what you have in mind for a design. I will then follow up with a phone call to discuss the specifics of what you would like created.

Designs used for Headboards can also be made into panels.

Just google " CNC Panels" or " CNC Texture" to see various images.

Flute Panel

Fretwork Panel

Fretwork and other various panels are something that can be done.

Textured Sign

Textured patters are also something that can be incorporated into signs. This shows a sign that was made with a “chiseled “ texture pattern and then finished to look like metal. Material used for this particular project was MDF but solid would can also be used.

V Carving Panel

V-Carving is process similar to engraving. The surface of the wood is either stained or painted to created  a darker colour than the natural wood underneath. Then using specific tools a design is carved into the material, thus creating creating a contrast between the surface colour and the natural wood.

This particular project was made with an old door.

CNC Panels

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